About MTO

Defining Made-To-Order (MTO)

Made-to-order means that something is only made after it has been requested.

Take Coffeebean for example. They don’t have a bunch of lattes hanging around in hopes that they sell. Their coffees are made-to-order. You order, a barista makes it. 

In fashion, made-to-order has a few benefits:

  • Cut down on waste - by never creating overstock
  • Save space and energy - brands don’t have to keep inventory in a storeroom or warehouse

Mass production is a cheap way to manufacture, but it leads to over-production, extreme waste, and an unethical use of labor.

We don’t mass produce, we make every oversize tee to order. We don’t have stock or warehouses of unsold clothes. If a tee is not needed, it doesn’t get made. 

Support our movement as we work towards Zero Waste fashion.