Why Oversized Clothing Is The Next Big Thing

Why Oversized Clothing Is The Next Big Thing

Forget the skinny jeans and slim-fit shirts: baggy style is back, and in a big way. Here’s how to let loose this season.

If you were to try and formulate a snappy tagline for the current mood in menswear, you might come up with something along the lines of “The Bigger The Better”. Or perhaps “Large And In Charge”. Brands across the board seem to be opting for roomier fits, hulking silhouettes and exaggerated proportions in spring 2018. It’s like skinny jeans never happened. Or if they did, it was all a rather uncomfortable, talcum powdery dream.

This largesse is particularly visible at the provocateur-ish end of the style spectrum. designers who, with their knee-skimming T-shirts, dangling sleeves and giant 1990s-inspired sneakers, seem to be asking themselves not just “Can we make it bigger?” but “How big can we go?”

But the oversized trend is also being played out across a wider spectrum of brands, from the etiquette damour which has greatly relaxed its tailoring in the past two seasons, to casualwear labels such as ETDM and a raft of stylish street-inspired brands, including idontfear and MOYAN.

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