K-Fashion: 11 Tips On How To Wear Oversized Shirts

K-Fashion: 11 Tips On How To Wear Oversized Shirts

2. Add a belt

Wonder how to style an oversized shirt to duplicate Jennie’s sultry look? With the addition of a belt, your good ol’ slouchy Korean oversized shirt will instantly transform into one that’s sexy and feminine! Simply leave the first two buttons on this  Oversized Shirt  open to widen up the collar of the shirt. Adjust the shirt such that its collar rests slightly on the edge of your shoulders — almost like an off-shoulder top! Then, accentuate your waistline with the Gucci Blown-Up Intreccio Weave Belt. The belt also helps to hold your oversized shirt in place. If your oversized shirt leans on the shorter side, you can wear a leather skirt to complete the getup. Meanwhile, those who’re comfortable with the length of the oversized shirt can simply wear it like a dress, just like Jennie did! 

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