How to Wear a Baggy T-Shirt

How to Wear a Baggy T-Shirt

Because the slimmest fit isn't always right for everyone. 

Here at ED, we champion fit above all else. The message is simple: something that fits you perfectly will look better than something that doesn't. For the most part, that means slim and snug. But when it comes to T-shirts, there's some literal wiggle room. But that doesn't mean pulling it off is as simple as running out and buying shirts two sizes too big. Here's how to make your baggy T-shirt look like it's on-purpose.

Make Sure It's a Shirt That's Meant to be Worn Baggy
Keep a lookout for words like "oversized" or "relaxed" when shopping for a baggier tee. Getting a slim-fit shirt in a few sizes too big will leave you with something long and narrow, which has a high-risk potential for appearing dress-like. You want to go for something wider in the body and loose in the sleeves. That's what all our ED tees are design for. 

Keep Your Pants Slim
In fact, you may want to wear pants that are even skinnier than what you're used to wearing (without crossing over into nut-busting territory) just to drive home the point that your oversized T-shirt is a style choice, not an accident. A baggy T-shirt with loose-fitting pants may end up looking like you haven't updated your wardrobe since 1995, or worse, like you've devolved into full-blown Adam Sandler territory.

Embrace Athleisure
An oversized tee has a bit of old-school athleticism built right in. So don't go pulling one on with your finest wing-tip shoes or loafers. Rather, lean into the Sportscore look with a pair of your crispest, coolest kicks. It'll make you look like you're ready for anything, whether you're running to the gym or running from paparazzi.

Go Vintage (and Rock On)
Band T-shirts from the late '80s and early '90s (think Metallica, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana), like most clothes in the shoulder-padded suit era, were cut wide. These days, the worn-in graphics get you points with rock fans, and the easy-going fit comes will look as relevant as ever. That means it'll look less like you're trying to make a style statement, and more like you've just got a soft spot for angsty music.

Check out these two designs that will definitely rock everyone around you!

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