ÉTIQUETTE D'AMOUR means "love label" in French. Hi, I am "D", the owner behind this online store. My very first blog post will be on why did I set up this online store.

Firstly, I love buying label tees. Especially from well-bred stores in Singapore, online e.t.c. Each Tee easily costs $90 upwards. What's the common part of all these label tees? The high quality cotton material and oversize cutting. 

I was almost buying around 2 tees per week. Suddenly, it hit me on how much profit margin these big brands are making out of us, especially Singapore's youngsters and students. 

What if I can reproduce similar quality tees, same cuttings and trendy digital prints on them as a much more reasonable and competitive prices for my customers? 

I can assure you that it's no easy work setting this online store up during Covid. Financial investments have to be made as I insist on production in Singapore. This is so as to ensure product quality and responsibility. 

Thank you thus far for reading my ramblings. I will be updating this blog from time to time, dictating the 


Merry Christmas everyone.

+PS: Check out the top two tees this week in terms of sale!




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Hi D, I am very interested in the Muay thai bear print. Love that print a lot! Saw it on T-shirt and phone case but not on sweatshirt. May I know if the print will be available in sweatshirt in the near future?


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