Different Ways To Wear An Oversized Tee

Different Ways To Wear An Oversized Tee

Tucked in

Another way to style an oversized shirt is to tuck it into your bottoms.

This style works best with a high-waisted bottom, as tucking the shirt in accentuates the waist.

It gives the illusion of a smaller waist and being slimmer without compromising on comfort.

For guys, there are different pants to pair the shirt with. For girls, you can pair the shirt with a skirt too!

This style can be done with short pants too! Other than pairing it with the usual denim shorts, a nice color pants work well too.

Pairing striped oversized tee with elastic band shorts work well too.

Fashion tip: If your bottoms is of a basic color, you can go for a color T-shirt or a striped one for a brighter image.

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