Chic ways to style oversized T-shirts

Chic ways to style oversized T-shirts

Lockdown has seen a range of comfy fashion trends surge in popularity and roomy, oversized T-shirts may be one of the most fun and versatile pieces of them all.

But, as regulations ease up around the world, we’re starting to see more and more people place a greater emphasis on comfort than before by incorporating it into their everyday attire. Everyone from celebs to influencers have been rocking loungewear, such as leggings and sweatpants styled in ways that actually look chic enough for the streets while remaining as unrestricted and fuss free as possible.

Once seen as dowdy, oversized T-shirts are laid back and perfectly exemplify the lockdown lifestyle while adopting a whole new brand that’s stylishly comfy. From tennis skirts to bike shorts and even all by itself, there are just so many exciting ways to wear this trend.

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